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Do a search for the city or country you want to travel to in the search box on the front page of the site or the property page to see a list of rooms or properties avalable for booking in that city or country.

You can book any kind of property listed on the platform, ranging from Apartments, Houses, Bread & Breakfast, Vacation Rentals, Villas, Cabins, Camper/RVs, Castles, Chalets, Coaches, Condos, Earth houses, Hotels, Huts, Lofts, Tree-houses and Yurts that are listed by hosts in cities across the world.

Whenever there is a dispute between a Traveler (Guest) and a Host, Vacason's Dispute Resolution Department attempts to resolve the dispute amicably. Vacason encourages both Host and Guest to attempt to resolve any dispute amicably, by using the messaging system on the platform. 

However, Guest can trigger unresolved dispute through the platform, if the property does not match the specification as indicated by the property owner (Host). Furthermore, the Guest in question must send corroborative evidence such as picture and/or video of the property. 

security deposit is an amout of money a Host requires from a renter (guest) to be deposited with to protect the Host, if the renter breaks anything during his or her stay at the Host's propertyA host may require security deposit from his guest to cover accidents that may occur during hosting, such as broken door or window, unreturned keys or spills on rugs etc. Host usually adds this type of deposit before any booking by traveler.

Your profile is a representative of yourself. It enables your guests to get to know you before they meet you in person. As such, upload a recent and clear picture of yourself and enter details about yourself as a host to enable your potential guests to know more about you. To do this, click on your User Name or Profile icon on the top-right corner of the site after you’ve logged in to the site. Click SETTINGS in the drop-down menu and click EDIT PROFILE, enter your name in the name fields and other information as requested; write something about yourself in the ABOUT ME field to enable your prospective guests to learn about you, as the information you provided will enable you to get bookings for your property from prospective guests. Upload a recent photograph of yourself by clicking UPLOAD PHOTO. Enter your address and your contact phone number(s) under CONTACT DETAILS. Please note that your full name, address and phone number(s) will not be revealed to your prospective guests until you have approved their booking requests.

As a member of Vacason, we have provided you with Invite Friends tool on the platform to enable you to invite your friends on Social Networks such as FacebookTwitterGoogle, LinkedIn and Email providers such as Yahoo MailGmail etc. You can utilise this tool to invite your friends to the platform and earn credit that can be used towards your next trip. 

First, make sure you create an account on the platform by clicking on the Sign Up link at the top corner of the platform and and create the listing of the property that you want to exchange with your potential exchange partner or host, by going to My Properties on the Dashboard.

Searching for homes to exchange is easy on Vacason. Simply type your destination city,  select the city name in the displayed city names on the screen and select the number of guests traveling with you (if any) in the search fields and click the Search button.  You will see the available home exchanges in your destination city displayed on your screen. You can also use the search and filter tools at the top of the page, to search and filter by Property Type and Room Type, and click More Filters button to see more search options like Amenities, Accessibility, Sleeping Arrangements, Trip Type, Proximity, Exchange Type, Car Exchange, etc that you can use to find the type of property that you like to exchange with.

Futhermore, the Platform has a Wishlist feature that enables you to save as many listings as you want during your search. You can add as many listings as possible to you Wishlist to be viewed later, by clicking on Add to Wishlist button on each property you view during property search. However,  make sure that you are logged in to the platform when adding properties to your Wishlist(s). You can also create diffrent Wislist names for your Wishlists, to enable you to differentiate each Wishlist and contact the hosts regarding their listings.

Once you find the property that you are interested in, click on the property picture to see the description of the property. After viewing the property and other information like the name and picture of the host, the prefarred exchanage destinations of the host and ready to contact the host, select your prefarred Checkin and Checkout dates and click Request Exchange button. On the request preview screen, enter the purpose of your trip and other relevant information and questions you like ask the host and click submit button.

Furthermore, wait till the host responds to your request. In addition, you can continue to contact the host using the messaging system on the platform.

The hosts will repsond to your request as soon as possible, by accepting or declining your request. If the host accepts your request, you will receieve a message by email and a notification on the platform.  Log to the platform, go to MyTrips link on the Dashboard, click MyTrips and click My Upcoming Trips. You will find your trip and and other information needed for your trip by clicking in View Receipt/Invoice link. However, this link may not be available to you during then free trial period. Ignore the 'Pay'link on the Trip information during free trial period. Your host will send you the address of their property and their contact phone number using the messaging system on the platform during the free trial period, to enable you to plan your trip.

Furthermore, you can continue to message the host about your trip through the messaging system on the platform till you are ready to leave for your destination.

However, if the host declines your request, you will receive an email and a notification on the platform about the decline. You can continue to search and contact other hosts in your destination city till you get your perfect match.

Simply click Sign Up at the top right corner of the site, fill in the required information and click Sign Up Sumbit button to get started. Once you finish signing up on the platform, go to the email address you supplied during Sign Up to locate the registration email we sent you and click the link in the email to confirm your email address.

You can then return to the platform to login to your account. After log in, go to the top right corner of the Dashboard and click the drop down menu next to your name and picture placeholder and click Edit Profile to complete your profile and upload your profile picture and other requirements inside your profile.

Once you complete your profile, you can proceed to create your home exchange listing by clicking on My Properties in the drop down menu and click Manage Properties on the left pane to create your listing, upload your property pictures, set up your availability calendar and fill in other information regarding your property and home exchange needs and click on Get Listed button on the bottom left of the page. Finally wait for your listing to be approved by Vacason.  

Once your listing is approved, you will receive an email and a notification on the platform notifying you about approval.

Furthermore, you will receive email and notification whenever a traveler  is interested in your property. The email will contain a link with Accept and Decline buttons. You can use the links in the email to accept or decline the request or simply log in to the platform to either approve or decline the request. After you log in to the platform to approve or decline the request, go to Dashboard, click on the drop down menu and click on Guest Reservations. Here, you will see your exchange requests. Click on a request. This will open up the request to enable you to view the name, picture and other information and message from the traveler. You will also see two buttons side by side. One will say Pre-Approve/Decline while the other one will say Send Message. Click Pre-Approve/Decline button.  Pre-Approve/Decline button will take you to the screen where you will find two options: 1. Allow Guest to Book and 2. Tell The Guest Your Listing is Unavailable. Allow Guest to Book enables you to approve guest requests and Tell the Guest Your Listing is Unavailable enables you to decline the requests. The Guest/Traveler will receive an email and notification regarding your decision, depending on your choice. 

If you approve the guest's request, you can communicate with the guest using the messaging system attached to the approval box. Furthermore, you can use the other option to send a message to your guest or traveler by first entering a message in the box above the the button regarding why you accepted or declined their request. Continue communication with your guest if you approve their request, until they are ready to start their trip.

Finally, the platform has a sample Exchange Agreement (optional). This is a sample agreement document regading home exchange, which you can modify to suit your need and send to your exchange partner by email to sign and retrun to you by email. You can download the sample Exchange Agreement by clicking the link below.

Sample Exchange Agreement (Download)

Social Dining is a dining experience created by a Host (Chef, Cook or a person with cooking experience and passionate about cooking and ready to share the experience with guests and travelers) and hosted at his or her residence or an approved location, and enabling guests and travelers to book such dining experience.

To book an Experience or Adventure, simply click Experiences and Adventures link on the front page and do a search on the top search bar of the Experiences and Adventures page for the city or area of the Experience or Adventure you're interested in or simply look for an Experience or Adventure you like on the Experiences or Adventures page.

Furthermore, you can search for an Experience or Adventure by Category by clicking the Category drop down menu on the Experiences and Adventures page.

Once you find the Experience or Adventure you are interested in, click on its picture to see the description, date and price of the Experience or Adventure and click See Dates button at the bottom of the Experience or Adventure picture or video and click the Read Schedules on the prefarred date for the Experience or Adventure to see the available time and remaining slots. Once you're ready to book the Experience or Adventure, click the Choose Date button.

Experiences and Adventures are exciting activities created by locals in cities and areas across the world for interested guests and travelers seeking what to do during their trips. Experiences and Adventures consist of Signtseeing, Tours, Classes and Workshops, Food and Drink, Music, Entertainment, Concerts, Camping, Biking, Skiing and Snowboarding, Kayaking and Surfing, Shopping, Sports, Fashion, Social Impact, Nightlife, Wellness, Business, Technology, History and Spa to mention a few.

An Experience on Vacason is an activity that is created by a local and member of Vacason which lasts between an hour and several hours. On the other hand, an Adventure is an activity created by a local and member of Vacason which lasts from a day to few days.

To create Social Dining, you must first register as member of Vacason. To Register, click Social Dining link on the front page of the site and click Become A Host drop down menu on the top of the page. Select and click Create Social Dining link to register to become a member or click Sign Up on the top of the page and click Continue With Email link . Once you finish, go to the email that you provided during registration to view the registration email we sent you and click the link inside the email to activate your account.

Once you finish activating your account, log in to the site by clicking Create Social Dining link in the Become A Member drop down menu on the top of the page and click the Login link or simply click Login on top of the page. Once you log in with your email and password, you will see a profile image or icon with your first name on top right of the page. Click the drop down menu beside your first name and click My Social Dining List. Once you get to the page, click on Post A New New Dining Experience button and provide all the necessary information requires, including price, dates and pictures of your Social Dining experience and click Submit button at the end of the page. Once we review your Social Dining information, you will receive an email that your Social Dining experience has been approved.