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Do a search for the city or country you want to travel to in the search box on the front page of the site or the property page to see a list of rooms or properties avalable for booking in that city or country.

You can book any kind of property listed on the platform, ranging from Apartments, Houses, Bread & Breakfast, Vacation Rentals, Villas, Cabins, Camper/RVs, Castles, Chalets, Coaches, Condos, Earth houses, Hotels, Huts, Lofts, Tree-houses and Yurts that are listed by hosts in cities across the world.

Whenever there is a dispute between a Traveler (Guest) and a Host, Vacason's Dispute Resolution Department attempts to resolve the dispute amicably. Vacason encourages both Host and Guest to attempt to resolve any dispute amicably, by using the messaging system on the platform. 

However, Guest can trigger unresolved dispute through the platform, if the property does not match the specification as indicated by the property owner (Host). Furthermore, the Guest in question must send corroborative evidence such as picture and/or video of the property. 

Listing your property on is completely free, however, the platform charges a 3% hosting fee to cover the cost of the transaction, if a traveler successfully books your property.

Communicating clearly with your guests and hosts is very essential to successful hosting on Vacason. It’s very important to let your guest knows in advance what your property looks like and what your requirements are before they book your property. Use the messaging system on the platform to send and receive messages regarding your reservations. The messaging tool can be found in the upper right corner of the site after you have logged in to your account. The messaging system enables you and your potential guests to ask questions and get answers regarding expectations. Proper communication with your guests will ensure that your guests understand you and your offering and give you good reviews after hosting.

Members may by phone or use the Contact Us form available on our Contact Us page at the bottom of site to contact Customer Experience regarding any matter with the website or other matters on the platform by clicking on the Contact Us link orby email at requires prospective members of the platform to create a User account. To do this, click Sign Up in the upper right corner of the site and enter all relevant information at the prompt such as: User Name, Password, Email Address, and Security Code that appears on the screen. 

The currency conversion tool can be found at the lower left corner of the site. To convert a listing currency to your local currency, click on the currency drop-down menu and select the currency to be converted. Once selected, the listing currency will show the price of the listing in the selected currency.


The platform also has a built-in Wallet. Wallet enables a Traveler to store and transfer some money in his online account, which will be available for property bookings and other purchases on the platform. To fund your wallet, you can transfer money from your Paypal, Bitpay, Debit or Credit or Bank Account depending on your location.

The Wishlist feature for properties that can be found in the property view during property search enables travelers to save any property they like for future booking or reservation. Saved properties in Wishlists can be found under WishList after login. Wishlist feature for Experiences and Adventures can be found in Experiences and Adventures view page. Saved Experiences and Adventures Wishlist can be found under Wishlist after login.

Vacason or its payment partners may authorize traveler’s Debit or Credit card. When authorization is done on a user’s debit or credit card, a little amount of money is deducted from that user’s card to ensure that there is money on the card. The deduction is then returned to user’s account automatically, after such authorisation.

Your profile is a representative of yourself. It enables your guests to get to know you before they meet you in person. As such, upload a recent and clear picture of yourself and enter details about yourself as a host to enable your potential guests to know more about you. To do this, click on your User Name or Profile icon on the top-right corner of the site after you’ve logged in to the site. Click SETTINGS in the drop-down menu and click EDIT PROFILE, enter your name in the name fields and other information as requested; write something about yourself in the ABOUT ME field to enable your prospective guests to learn about you, as the information you provided will enable you to get bookings for your property from prospective guests. Upload a recent photograph of yourself by clicking UPLOAD PHOTO. Enter your address and your contact phone number(s) under CONTACT DETAILS. Please note that your full name, address and phone number(s) will not be revealed to your prospective guests until you have approved their booking requests.

As a member of Vacason, we have provided you with Invite Friends tool on the platform to enable you to invite your friends on Social Networks such as FacebookTwitterGoogle, LinkedIn and Email providers such as Yahoo MailGmail etc. You can utilise this tool to invite your friends to the platform and earn credit that can be used towards your next trip.